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A newly created RSPS.
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 Welcome to Stardust PK!

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Mod Stardust

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PostSubject: Welcome to Stardust PK!   Sat Jun 12, 2010 12:14 pm

Hi & welcome to Stardust PK.
Stardust PK is a PK server developed by me (Mod Stardust).
This server is a place wher you can learn to PK, or just have fun.
When you login you will have 2000M coins and sharks. Now you can go buy the armour you want and PK. You can get items like dragon claws and godswords from npc drops, PkP and donations.
Commands like ::pure or ::master is for everyone.
We also have items that gives extra stats for example blue party hat.
So basicly this is a server where you can be pking within minutes!

I hope you can have a nice time here at Stardust PK.
~ Mod Stardust.
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Welcome to Stardust PK!
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