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 Read this before applicate.

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PostSubject: Read this before applicate.   Mon Jun 14, 2010 8:05 pm

Want to be a staff member?
Please read this topic then post.


First off all you will need minimum of 15 posts in forums and been active in game for 2 days to applicate.
If you post and ignore this, you will get automatically denied.


Please use our official format, if you don´t use it you will be automatically denied.
Copy & paste it into your thread.

Why do you want to be a moderator:

How can we trust you?:

As a moderator what will you do?:

What languages can you speak?

On how many private servers have you been moderator/administrator? (Please include names of servers)

How many hours are you able to play every day?

If a player runs forward to you and specs you then run away, what punishment would you use?

A tiger got X amount of stripes, let say X is 12. Now minus X with 5 and then multiply it with 27.
The tiger goes to a river and takes a bath then it loses half of the stripes except 3.

As a moderator on Stardust PK you will follow our rules and don´t abuse your powers.
YES or NO?
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Read this before applicate.
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